Preschool is Closed for the 2019-2020 School Year

Our curriculum is designed to give the child a variety of experiences to enhance his/her development in various academic, spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual areas. These are areas in which you, as parents, are already training your child.

Our Preschool Curriculum is further divided into Literacy, Pre-Math, Motor-Skills, and Religion categories. In our classroom, we have certain areas for housekeeping, blocks, drawing, music, and much more!

At Little Lambs Preschool, training and discipline are blended with God's love and forgiveness. Discipline needs to be firm, consistent, and constructive. A child needs to know what is expected of them before he or she can obey. Guidelines reassure children that they are loved and there is a concern for them.

Parent-Teacher communication is vital for the wellbeing of the child; therefore, we have various methods in which our director reaches out to the parents.

In order to ensure that we care for your child's individual needs, parents will fill out the preschool health and insurance information.

Take a look at our parking lot procedures for drop off and pick up times.