Let's Visit God's "Hall of Faith!" (Hebrews 11)


This week (August 29/September 1st) will be the last week of Lord and Savior Lutheran’s summer worship schedule. Pastor David Carlovsky will be preaching on a lesson from Hebrews 11 that day, a chapter that is sometimes called the Hall of Faith. Pastor Carlovsky will focus on one man mentioned in that chapter — Abraham — and the example he set. The sermon theme will be: "LET'S VISIT GOD'S HALL OF FAITH!” (Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16)

The following week (September 8th), the congregation will return to its regular worship schedule — Sunday mornings at 9:00am. Sunday School and Adult Bible Study will also start back up that Sunday, at about 10:15am. That Sunday is Grandparent's Day, and Pastor Carlovsky will highlight the blessing of Christian grandparents in his sermon that day. He will use Ruth 4:13-17 as his sermon text — a passage that highlights Naomi as a grandmother, holding her grandson, Obed (who would in his turn be grandfather to King David), in her lap. That week we pray that God will make us more aware of the importance of the role of godly grandparents. The sermon theme will be: "THANK GOD FOR GODLY GRANDPARENTS!"

Visitors are always welcome at Lord & Savior Ev. Lutheran Church in Crystal Lake. The congregation is worshiping on its summer schedule: services at 7:00pm on Thursday evenings and 9:00am on Sunday mornings. The congregation’s regular services are recorded each week and appear on Cable TV's public access channel in the Crystal Lake/ McHenry/ Woodstock area -- every Monday at 4:00pm. The church is located at 9300 Ridgefield Road (at Route 14). For more information, contact Rev. David Carlovsky at (815) 455-4175 (church) or (815) 444-6647 (Parsonage).