Christian Faith Gets Involved!

Good Samaritan.jpg

For this week’s Thursday / Sunday (August 1/4) services at Lord and Savior Ev. Lutheran Church in Crystal Lake, Pastor David Carlovsky will be preaching on the Gospel lesson from Luke 10:25-37 — the familiar story of the Good Samaritan. The Parable of the Good Samaritan is so well-known that the term has become a part of our language. Just about all of God's people know the details of the story by heart. Pastor Carlovsky's sermon will ask the basic question: "Do we know how to apply this idea personally? His sermon theme, therefore, will be: "CHRISTIAN FAITH GETS INVOLVED!”

The following Thursday/Sunday (August 8/11), Pastor Carlovsky will be preaching on the Gospel lesson from Luke 10:38-42--The story of Mary and Martha. In Luke’s gospel, this story follows the Parable of the Good Samaritan from the previous week. It’s a well-known story that makes us ponder the question: "Why do we do what we do?" It also compels us to consider the two opposite reactions to Jesus' visit. Mary sits at Jesus' feet listening. Martha focuses on preparing to serve her guest, and sees her sister "just sitting there" and not helping when there's much work to be done. But Jesus showed Martha a different way to set her priorities. The sermon theme will be "THE ONE THING THAT'S NEEDED!"

Visitors are always welcome at Lord & Savior Ev. Lutheran Church in Crystal Lake. The congregation is worshiping on its summer schedule: services at 7:00pm on Thursday evenings and 9:00am on Sunday mornings. The congregation’s regular services are recorded each week and appear on Cable TV's public access channel in the Crystal Lake/ McHenry/ Woodstock area -- every Monday at 4:00pm. The church is located at 9300 Ridgefield Road (at Route 14). For more information, contact Rev. David Carlovsky at (815) 455-4175 (church) or (815) 444-6647 (Parsonage).