Jeremiah 17 - God Uses Contrast to Encourage Us

Jeremiah 17:5-8 - God Uses Contrast to Encourage Us

This coming Sunday at Lord and Savior Ev. Lutheran Church in Crystal Lake, February 17th, Pastor David Carlovsky will preach on the Old Testament lesson (Jeremiah 17:5-8) for that week.  That reading contrasts the blessings of trusting in the true God with the woes in store for those who trust in human might and wisdom. (It also echoes the thoughts of Psalm 1 with the idea of a "tree planted by the water.") There is a  contrast between trusting in God and attempting to go it alone. The contrast here will be in where we're planted and the impact on spiritual growth if our roots are elsewhere (other than in God and His Word). The sermon theme will be "GOD USES CONTRAST TO ENCOURAGE US!”

Luke 6:27-38 - Learn to Forgive

The following Sunday, February 24th, is the seventh Sunday in an unusually long Epiphany season (because Lent starts very late this year). Pastor Carlovsky will again be preaching on the Old Testament lesson for that Sunday (Genesis 45:3-8a,15). This is part of the story of Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his own brothers but forgave them all. On a human level, we can think of many reasons why forgiveness doesn't seem to make sense.  Why forgive? Pastor Carlovsky will combine the Joseph story with thoughts from the Gospel lesson (Luke 6:27-38) about loving your enemies, to answer the question "Why forgive?” as well as to learn how we should forgive. The sermon theme will be:  "LEARN TO FORGIVE!” 

  I. With no conditions!

  II. Understanding God's plan!

III. Trusting God's will!

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