Children's Christmas Service: Children of the Heavenly Father

Children’s Christmas Service - Children of the Heavenly Father


This coming Sunday, December 16th, Lord & Savior Lutheran Church's service (at 9:00am) will be a Children's Christmas Service, held in the school gym to accommodate extra attendees.  The service will be followed by a brunch (served by the congregation’s Sisters in Christ) and a cookie walk with Christmas cookies.   (Baked by school/church families and available for a free-will donation.)   The service theme is:  "Children of the Heavenly Father."  We welcome family and friends, guests and visitors, to this special service of worship and praise, honoring the celebration of Christ's birth.   The children in word and song will be leading us in worship, and the faculty also plans to sing.

Matthew 3:1-3 - John the Baptist: The Voice

John the Baptist.jpg

The third and final Wednesday-evening Advent service will reflect on the miraculous birth, ministry, and preaching career of John the Baptist as the forerunner for the Savior. As a text, Pastor Carlovsky will use a portion of how John the Baptist came to "prepare the way" from Matthew's gospel... even as he quotes Isaiah. For Advent Vespers sermon, we will consider:  JOHN THE BAPTIST: THE VOICE  (Matthew 3:1-3)

Psalm 24 - Love: Make Way for the King!

The following Sunday, December 23rd, is the fourth Sunday in Advent. Pastor David Carlovsky will finish up the congregation’s Advent services with the word “Love,” using Psalm 24, often used for Advent, as his sermon text. The sermon theme will be: “LOVE: MAKE WAY FOR THE KING!

  I. Welcome the King!

  II. Worship the King!

  III. The King is Wonderful!

Matthew 1:21 - That Chosen Night…at the Stable

On Christmas Eve (Monday, the 24th), the congregation will hold its usual candlelight service at 7:00pm. The service will include multiple choral selections and a duet. Pastor Carlovsky’s sermon will be based on Matthew 1:21; with a theme of  THAT CHOSEN NIGHT -- AT THE STABLE: 

   I. The carolers!

  II. The cradle!

 III. The Christ-Child!

Isaiah 9:6 - “That First Christmas Day”

A Christmas Day service will also be held, at 9:00am on Tuesday, the 25th of December. Pastor Carlovsky’s sermon text will be based on the great prophecy from the Old Testament prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 9:6:  THAT FIRST CHRISTMAS DAY!

   I. The Mighty God!

  II. The Messiah!

 III. The Mystery!

Visitors are always welcome at Lord & Savior. Lord & Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church in Crystal Lake is worshipping on its regular (non-summer) schedule — a single service each week on Sundays at 9:00am. The congregation’s regular services are recorded each week and appear on Cable TV's public access channel in the Crystal Lake/ McHenry/ Woodstock area -- every Monday at 4:00pm. The church is located at 9300 Ridgefield Road (at Route 14). For more information, contact Rev. David Carlovsky at (815) 455-4175 (church) or (815) 444-6647 (Parsonage).