Psalm 118 - Recount the Dead of the Lord

Psalm 118: Recount the Dead of the Lord!

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This coming Sunday,  November 18th, is called “Saints Triumphant.” Lord and Savior Ev. Lutheran Church in Crystal Lake recognizes this as a Sunday  when we remember faithful believers who have gone to heaven before us.  That day can be sad because it makes us remember loved ones whom the Lord has taken to heaven.  It's also a joyful day because of their victory in the Lord... even while we're sad for our loss while on earth. That Sunday, Pastor David Carlovsky will preach on the psalm appointed for that day, Psalm 118 (specifically on verses 14-18 and 21-24). The theme for Saints Triumphant Sunday includes the key verse (Psalm 118:17a).  It encourages all of us as saints to...RECOUNT THE DEEDS OF THE LORD!  "I WILL NOT DIE, BUT LIVE!” 

Psalm 100: Why Should We Be Thankful?


Lord and Savior will observe Thanksgiving on the “eve” — Wednesday, November 21st, at 7:00pm. The service that evening will focus on Psalm 100, which is noted as a psalm for giving thanks. The sermon theme that evening will be a simple question: “Why Should We Be Thankful?” 

Psalm 67: The Shining Face of Our King!


The following Sunday, November 25th, is the last Sunday of the church year. It’s typically called “Christ the King” Sunday. That morning, the congregation will consider Psalm 67, which includes this verse: "...for you will rule the peoples justly and guide the nations of the earth" (Psalm 67:4).  The sermon theme comes from the first verse:  "May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us" (Psalm 67:1), which reminds us of the second phrase in the frequent benediction:  "The Lord make his face shine on us…" 

The sermon theme and sub themes that day will be: THE SHINING FACE OF OUR KING!

 I. Our King shines on us with His salvation!

II. Our King shines on us with joy!

III. Our King shines on us with mission zeal!

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