Psalm 145 - A Table Prayer with an Attitude

Psalm 145: A Table Prayer with an Attitude!

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On Sunday, October 21st, Lord and Savior Ev. Lutheran Church will highlight table prayers as we consider Psalm 145:15 &16.  Those two verses highlight a prayer that some of us use, besides the "common table prayer."  The theme uses the words "an attitude.”  “An Attitude” often is viewed in a negative sense, but here we are thinking about the proper Christian attitude of gratefully receiving our food and all that the Giver of all blesses us with. We will certainly ponder how "the eyes of all look to You"  ...mindful of God's open hand, His perfect timing, and how He satisfies every living thing! Pastor David Carlovsky’s sermon theme that week will be: "A TABLE PRAYER WITH AN ATTITUDE!”

Mark 10:46-53: Share a Blind Man’s Leap of Faith

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The following Sunday, October 28th, Lord and Savior will have a guest preacher: Pastor Jack Kelly of Our Savior’s, Zion, Illinois. Pastor Kelly will be preaching on Mark 10:46-53. His theme will be: 

“Share a Blind Man's Leap of Faith”:  

(1) A hop for help

(2) A jump for joy. 

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